Radio Interviews

Listen to a recent radio interview I did with the folks at Golden Broadcasters:

Al Copeland discusses how to maintain a strong, healthy heart and normal blood sugar levels into the golden years.

Interview with Al Copeland discusses how to live a long healthy life with a strong immune system.

Al Copeland discusses eating well and keeping your mental health intact through the golden years.

Al Copeland discusses important ways to maintain good colon health:

Listen to Al Copeland discuss the benefits of Heart and Body Extract. Also he discusses the causes and natural treatment of yeast overgrowth:

Listen to Dottie Arends testimonial and Al Copeland discusses guidelines to healthy eating:

Listen to Dottie Arends testimonial and Al Copeland discusses how to be healthy:

Listen to another interview with Al Copeland:

Listen to Al Copeland plus actual feedback from clients currently using our Heart and Body Extract to improve their way of life every day:

Listen to Al Copeland expert in Live Blood Analysis and his impressive findings regarding Heart and Body Extract and its impact on the blood and body. Also listen to joyful testimonials of a variety of people of different ages, races and health situations and what Heart and Body Extract means to them:

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