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What is Heart and Body Extract?

Heart and Body Extract is an organic/wild crafted nutritional supplement which is designed to support a healthy heart and body.

What are the ingredients?

It is made out of organic or wild crafted Garlic, Hawthorne berries, Hawthorne leaves, Coleus, Motherwort, Bilberry, Butchers Broom, Kelp, Mistletoe, Ginger and Cayenne Pepper.

Can I get the same benefit if I am already taking some of these herbs?

The proportion, balance and quality of herbs is crucial. This makes Heart and Body Extract an excellent formula indeed.

Is Heart and Body Extract available in capsule or tablet form?

No, liquids are best as you have a 95% absorption and assimilation rate. What that means is nutrition is getting into your 70,000 miles of blood vessels and is reaching the body at the cellular level. This is when your body has the necessary nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients and enzymes so it has the tools to heal itself and maintain top physical condition.

How do you use Heart and Body Extract?

The usage of Heart and Body Extract is dependent on weight. You would take 1 drop 3 X per day per 10lbs of body weight.

For example:

You would use 15 drops 3 X times per day orally if 150 pounds.
You would use 20 drops 3 X per day orally if 200 pounds.
You would use 25 drops 3 X per day orally if 250 pounds.
Take morning, afternoon and evening. Whatever suits your schedule is fine.

Should Heart and Body Extract be taken on an empty stomach?

It does not matter whether you have eaten or not as Heart and Body Extract is a liquid and will have optimum absorption and assimilation by holding it in your mouth for a minute or 2 and then swallow.

Is Heart and Body Extract safe to take with prescription drugs?

Yes, we recommend that people take Heart and Body Extract 1 hour before taking prescription drugs for best results. As your health improves work with your doctor to adjust prescription intake.

How long has Heart and Body Extract been around?

Heart and Body Extract has been around 19 years. We have had the opportunity to serve thousands of clients worldwide.

Does Heart and Body Extract have a shelf life?

Although Heart and Body Extract is good for much longer the manufacturer by law puts the expiration date at 10 years after the creation of the batch.

Is Heart and Body Extract safe for my baby, child, and pet?

We have helped babies, children, cats, dogs even a flying squirrel on the formula. Mix with a little juice or pet food where appropriate. Heart and Body Extract is a nutritional supplement which supports the body with no negative side effects.

Is Heart and Body Extract sensitive to temperature extremes?

No, Heart and Body Extract is not affected by either very hot or very cold temperatures. It is best to store at room temperature not in the refrigerator.

What else should I do for the product to work more effectively?

Things that you know make up for a healthy lifestyle…not smoking, minimum alcohol consumption (1-2 drinks per day), healthy diet and exercise (minimum of 3 times per week).

How long before I notice a difference in how I feel?

Everyone is unique. Results vary from person to person. Usually by the end of the first bottle or two it is apparent things are improving.

Can I tell my doctor I am on Heart and Body Extract?

Yes full communication with your doctor is wise practice. Monitoring your progress by doing various tests (as needed) can further validate success on the formula.

Where is Heart and Body Extract manufactured?

It is formulated and bottled in British Columbia, Canada.

What is the success rate of taking Heart and Body Extract?

Excellent, In fact we honor a money back guarantee if not satisfied.