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Have a heart is something you might hear if you’re not treating someone nicely. Yet how often do we not stop and treat our own heart nicely? We can all agree that having a heart is a good thing and just like a certain credit card – we’d never leave home without it. So then why do 25% of adults not bother to exercise at all?

When we stop and think that three out of five adults are not regularly active, we have to wonder just how important their heart is to them. We all know regular exercise is good for the heart and one of the biggest factors for healthy cardiovascular health. So why do we ignore our heart fitness?

There is often one excuse after another:

  • No Time
  • Bad Weather
  • Too Tired
  • No Money
  • Hurts Too Much
  • I’ll Start Tomorrow

Imagine your heart was suddenly stamped with an expiration date like those eggs or package of chicken wings in your refrigerator. What do we do with things when they expire?

We throw them out!

So in essence, you are willingly accepting an expiration date on your heart. In fact, by not taking care of your heart fitness, you are willing throwing out the possibility of time – years – on the life of your heart!

Does the argument there’s no time for exercise really stand up when you stamp your could-be healthy heart with an expiration date?


So today you can make a choice to improve your healthy heart through responsibility, one step at a time and joining the movement of Heart Fitness.

It has been said that Movement is Medicine, so today you can begin by moving your body and increasing your heart rate. The heart is a muscle and when it’s exercised, it’s able to be stronger.

Make a commitment to yourself today to exercise and make healthy choices. Now the right cardio for you is best determined by your doctor. So you should never jump into a new program without first consulting with your physician.

Healthy Ways to Move Your Body For Heart Fitness

  • Take the Stairs
  • Park Your Vehicle Away from the Entrance to a Store and Walk
  • Twirl a Hoola-Hoop with your kids or grandkids or your partner!
  • Swim and Play Marco Polo in the Pool – good for joints
  • Put the mixer away and stir with a wooden spoon
  • Jump Rope with your kids or by yourself to music and burn calories
  • Take a Dance Class or Try out a Funky Dance DVD with friends

The key with heart fitness is to be creative, change it up and find something you love! Exercise does not have to be a struggle, it does not have to be painful, yet it does need to work your heart muscle for results.

Remember to first sit down with your doctor. See what’s best for you and then take one step each day toward your Healthy Heart Lifestyle. You don’t have to have an expiration date on your heart!

You can start maintaining your Healthy Heart through taking responsibility and making the choice to rock your own Heart Fitness Program. Pair your Heart Fitness with Heart & Body Extract for a maintenance combination to go with your Healthy Lifestyle and have a happy heart you’ll never leave home without!

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