High blood pressure, the silent epidemic (Pt. 2)

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Clinical studies on Dr. Rath’s cellular recommendations regarding high blood pressure

Scientific and clinical research have documented the value of these nutrients in normalizing high blood pressure. These cellular recommendations are based on the fact that millions of artery wall cells are supplied with cell fuel for optimum function.

Dr. Rath’s recommendations were tested in a clinical pilot study with 15 patients suffering from severe hypertension, age 32-69, for 32 weeks. They followed Dr. Rath’s recommendations as they continued their prescribed high blood pressure medications. At the beginning of the study the patients blood pressure was 167 over 97. Their blood pressure was taken every two weeks for the duration of the study. At the end of the study the patients’ blood pressure had dropped to 142 over 83, a 16% difference.

Other studies showed how each specific nutrient decreased the patients’ blood pressure. Vitamin C showed a drop in blood pressure of 5-10%, Coenzyme Q10 10-15%, magnesium 10-15% and arginine more than 10%.

Dr. Rath empasizes that with these nutrients the blood pressure never dropped to low levels, caused dizziness or other health problems, like is the case of overdosing with conventional medicine. (4)

Stress as a cause for hypertension

Stress will cause the body to run through nutrients a lot faster. Under stressful circumstances, it is even more important that the patient follows a high nutrient diet.

When we are under stress aldosterone levels raise. (8) Aldosterone is the major hormone maintaining both water balance and minerals in three places: the blood, the interstitial fluid (space between cells) and inside the cells. These minerals are some of the electrolytes and they are sodium, potassium magnesium and chloride. They are called electrolytes because they carry electrical charges.

Electrolytes are very important for proper cell function as we mentioned before. But to that we need to add that they are critical in maintaining fluid balance in the body. For this to occur, they must remain in a constant ratio to each other and to the body’s fluids. Small alterations in their ratios to each other or to their concentration in the body’s fluids will mean:

  1. Alterations in the properties of the fluids of the body
  2. Changes in the cell membrane
  3. Changes in the biochemical reactions within the cell
  4. Change in the physiological reactions in the body

All of which depend on this flow or concentration of electrolytes.

In the body, under normal circumstances, there is fluid inside the cell, fluid in the space between cells (interstitial fluid) and fluid in the blood, all these three have to be in balance and in the right ratio to one another. Together with water, we find potassium inside the cell, sodium in the space between cells and sodium in the blood. Aldosterone, because it is a very powerful hormone, can alter fluid volume and electrolyte ratio even in the smallest amounts, and this will increase blood pressure.

This is how it happens: As aldosterone rises, as is the case of stress, this hormone causes sodium to be pulled out of the cells’ interstitial fluid into the blood. Whenever sodium goes, so does water. This increased water volume in the blood is what raises blood pressure. It will show as water retention on the ankles even on the skin because aldosterone is also made in the skin.

Sodium and other minerals will then be excreted through the kidneys via urine. This loss of electrolytes will cause salt cravings. If you are on a low salt diet, the problem is exacerbated even more. James Wilson N.D., D.C., Ph. D. recommends to take kelp to replenish the sodium and potassium levels in the body. Kelp, he explains, contains both potassium and sodium in the right proportions in an easily assimilated form. The ‘Heart and Body Extract’ has kelp as one of its active ingredients which makes it a great way to replenish electrolytes when under stress.

Something that is important to understand about this condition is that under chronic stress, the body can become deficient in aldosterone and this will lead to the opposite effect, hypotension. This is what is called ‘adrenal fatigue’, which can cause dizziness, salt cravings, increased thirst, muscle weakness, decreased force of the heart’s contractions, irregular heartbeat, lightheadedness upon standing and lethargy. (8)

Ways to improve hypertension

Minimizing toxins coming from the diet, improving digestion like we have explained in previous blogs, especially digestion of fats, can keep the blood fluid and help the heart.

A supplement that can help accomplish this is the Gland Extract from the Healthy Hearts Club. The ingredients in the Gland Extract can help increase the absorption of nutrients and allow the body to have access to them. Among the ingredients in the Gland Extract you can find:

  1. Kelp, high in nutrients like iodine and potassium
  2. Horsetail grass, which helps the body utilize and hold calcium
  3. Digestive aids papaya and beet that help assimilate nutrients by assisting digestion and helping the bile system respectively
  4. Blood purifiers like red clover and chapparal, which cleanse the lymphatic system and the liver (9)

The ‘Heart and Body Extract’ also contains ingredients that help the digestive process and assist circulation. Namely garlic, ginger and cayenne. Mistletoe has been used to lower blood pressure and heart rate, it eases anxiety, and has been used as an herbal sleep aid. (10)

Moderate exercise will move the lymph and improve circulation. This is because lymph movement depends on muscle movement. Even a brisk walk can get muscles to put enough pressure on the lymphatic vessels to move things around. Sedentary lifestyle, on the contrary, will cause lymphatic congestion and will guarantee accumulation of toxins. And because there are large concentrations of lymph nodes and muscles next to the lungs, deep breathing will work to reduce lymph congestion too. As you breath deeply, these muscles move , moving the lymph. (7)

Concluding, high blood pressure does not have to be the silent mysterious condition it has been. We can keep it at bay by improving digestion, changing our eating habits, and getting some exercise. Products like the Heart and Body Extract and the Gland Extract can keep blood pressure stay at healthy levels.

Thank you for reading.


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