Low thyroid, the unsuspected cause of heart disease (Pt. 2)

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Nutrition for your thyroid

The main hormone produced by the thyroid is known as T4. This is a storage form of the hormone, which means that T4 is circulated throughout the bloodstream and stored in tissues so that it is available when needed. It is also inactive, thus,  in order for the body to use it has to go through different steps to be activated. (1)

T4 thyroid hormone is comprised of the amino acid tyrosine and four iodines. (2) Because of this, the thyroid gland is the main user of iodine in the body. Deficiencies in this key nutrient can cause goiter.  Due to depletion of our soils, supplementing with iodine should be a priority.

Both the ‘Heart and Body Extract’ and the ‘Gland Extract’ contain kelp, which helps to nourish  the body and supports healthy thyroid function. The ‘Gland Extract’ also contains:

  • Papaya,  a digestive aid  that can help assimilate nutrients from our food
  • Beet root, which assists the gallbladder in keeping bile thin and is rich in nutrients and trace minerals
  • Chapparal, which cleanses the lymphatic system and the liver
  • Comfrey, contains allantoin, which promotes cell proliferation, helps to carry nutrients and minerals into glands, and assists in digestion
  • Watercress, a nutritive herb rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron, iodine and calcium
  • Fo-ti-tieng, which strengthens the body and balances the endocrine gland system

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo also recommends Coleus Forskohlii, and He Shou Wu (Fo ti). Both of these can be found in the ‘Heart and Body Extract’.

Not only is iodine the thyroid’s raw material, every gland in the body needs iodine. According to Benjamin Fuchs R. Ph., iodine “can be helpful for the adrenals and the pancreas, (it)“resolves nearly every case of breast cysts”…can heal ovarian and skin cysts too (20 % of the body’s iodine stores are in the skin and one of the signs of iodine deficiency is dry skin). Muscles may benefit, ie: muscular pain and fibromyalgia are associated with iodine deficiency”  (3)

This makes the ‘Gland Extract’ a very important supplement not only for the health of the thyroid but all the other glands.

When iodine is present, it is absorbed from the gut into the blood and from there it goes to the thyroid. There it is removed from the blood, trapped in the gland, and incorporated into compounds which in turn are assembled into thyroid hormone secretions. The tiny amount of iodine that is needed for the thyroid to work properly is enough for the body to make thyroid hormone not just once but several times.

In cases of deficiency, the thyroid may enlarge in an attempt to add to its output. It may become so enlarged, that it may interfere with breathing or swallowing.  In goiter regions of the world, like mountains or inland areas of the globe, the amount found in food or water is not enough for proper functioning of the thyroid.  (4)

Other key nutrients for the thyroid are the B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin D, zinc (5) and selenium. (6)

Get in charge of your thyroid health today. Thank you for reading.


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