Peripheral neuropathy (pt. 2)

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Herbs have been used since the beginning of human history for every kind of ailment. Here we will focus on the herbs that can help with neuropathy the most. For this, I would like to concentrate on the importance of optimal blood circulation for optimal health. This is such an important aspect of health that we could say every single degenerative disease there is has a circulation component associated with it. This is why: the body in general and the organs and cells in particular depend on good circulation to receive oxygen and nutrients to work properly and to detoxify themselves from the byproducts and toxins produced in the body on a daily basis. Keeping the circulation moving is critical for this to happen, not only will good circulation allow this oxygenation, nutrification and detoxification to happen, but it will keep the electrical nature of the blood in peak condition. If the reader recalls from previous blogs, the blood is a liquid organ and it is this fluid nature that keeps the electrical energy in our body working properly: feeding the heart, brain, muscles and each of the 100 trillion cells in the body. When the blood is not circulating properly it will get inflamed, toxins will accumulate and this will lead to thick, prone to clot blood. Food toxicity, like sugar, hydrogenated fats, the wrong kind of gut bacteria and processed foods can exacerbate this toxicity and clotting. In the case of peripheral neuropathy the pain, tingling, numbness and loss of sensitivity can both be caused by poor circulation and cause poor circulation. This dangerous process can go on for years or decades taking a toll on our health and putting a great load on your heart. The Heart and Body Extract
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How the ‘Heart and Body Extract’ can help

The Heart and Body Extract can be of great help to keep the body from the devastating effects of nerve damage caused by diabetes, like blindness and amputations. The different herbs in the Heart and body Extract synergize when blended, which means each herb becomes more powerful when combined, complementing one another and making each stronger and more effective. Cayenne, for example, intensifies the beneficial effects of the other herbs by ensuring a speedy and thorough distribution of the different herbs’ active components to the important functional centers of the body, especially those responsible for metabolism, data transmission, cellular respiration and nerve activity. Cayenne also improves circulation all over the body. Better circulation means better digestion, elimination, energy, respiration, stamina, eyesight, etc. Studies have shown that nutrients in food ingested with cayenne are assimilated faster and more easily. Cayenne also can help with pain: cayenne stimulates nerve endings to secrete substance P, which alerts the brain to pain. In response to this, other nerve cells secrete endorphins, the body’s pain killers, which act like morphine to stop the pain and convey a sense of well being. Similarly, the Stress Extract can help the body relax and in this way diminish pain.

Cayenne gets the blood moving, boots energy and eases stress, helps concentration and is anti-fatigue. By increasing the circulation of the blood to peripheral tissues in the body, cayenne helps deliver needed nutrients to inflamed areas. This is especially important in the case of peripheral neuropathy. Added to garlic, cayenne speeds its antibiotic action, so much that is like taking liquid penicillin. Modern medicine has validated the many properties of garlic, the most important of which is antibacterial. Because of it, garlic can improve the health of the immune system.
Another ingredient in the Heart and Body Extract , ginger can help by increasing the circulatory and respiratory systems, aiding the body to recover from the negative effects of stress and fatigue and by relieving pain.

To sum up, we have seen how neuropathy can be a debilitating condition. The good news is that you can take control of it now without the need for expensive treatments or therapies. If you suspect that you have peripheral neuropathy because of symptoms like numbness, tingling, pain, etc. you can help yourself turn around this degeneration process by eliminating pro-inflammatory foods like sugars and processed carbohydrates, introducing healthy fats like omega 3’s and 6’s, supplementing with high doses of vitamins and minerals and improving your circulation with the products at Healthy hearts Club