Heart And Body Extract

From Our President

In my 30’s I developed some signs of cardiovascular disease. The doctor diagnosed me as having enlarged heart and heart murmur. He did not recommend any specific treatment at that time. By my mid 30”s I had heart palpitations and heart arrhythmias. At times it was so bad I could be standing in the kitchen and suddenly without warning I would keel over. Fortunately I caught myself before falling to the ground. One time I did black out while sitting beside my husband in an airplane. I was unconscious for several minutes but was OK.

At age 45 going on age 46 I developed high blood pressure or as the doctors call it essential hypertension. It was very scary for me and I desperately tried a number of alternative remedies to try and help myself .I tried vitamins, minerals, almonds, celery stalks, vitamin B12 and Folic Acid, oriental teas, herbal formulas, increased exercise… nothing worked. I was afraid, as I knew high blood pressure leads to damage and can cause heart attack or stroke. After visiting the doctor on 3 separate occasions and after consistently getting readings of 160/110 I was put on a diuretic medication to control the blood pressure. I lasted on the pills for 2 days I have to say the side effects are very nasty. I felt confused, I couldn’t think or talk coherently, I felt lethargic, and I had to pee like a racehorse. During this time I also developed water retention. It was showing up as edema in my feet. It was so bad I could not wear my own shoes I had to wear my husbands. Gone were the days of wearing high heels. At best I could wear oversize clogs with dresses.

I said to myself finally after searching and searching for something to help myself if I cannot find something to help myself lets create it, so I hired an excellent Master Herbalist and together we created Heart and Body Extract.

Fortunately, not long after I quit taking the blood pressure pills, Heart and Body Extract became available. Within days of using Heart and Body Extract the heart palpitations and arrhythmias were gone. Within two weeks of using the product, my blood pressure went down to 120/70. It has maintained like this for 4 years, give or take a few points. This is with out any medication whatsoever. Within 30 days of using the product the swelling in the feet and ankles had disappeared. I can now wear my running shoes and high heels! My husband’s shoes are returned back to him, the rightful owner. I have a lot more energy now and I feel great. I find I have a really good sleep at night and wake up rested and ready to go. I no longer require afternoon naps and feel energetic throughout the day. Before using Heart and Body Extract I would be exhausted by 3:00 p m and would require a minimum 1- hour nap to refresh myself. It took six months of using Heart and Body Extract for my enlarged heart to go back to normal size.

Now my major purpose in life is to tell as many people as I can about this wonderful product Heart and Body Extract. We have helped thousands of people to date. I was on a bad road to poor health; my doctor said I don’t want to see you dead at age 45. (Neither did I, I wanted to live) Try this product it works with no negative side effects to any substance. It can only be good for you.

Sharon Harris
President, Healthy Hearts Club
Vancouver, BC